June 2013
My Performance Debut took place June 17, 2005 at Danny’s Skylight Room in New York City. My 5th CD “Vibination” was publicly released June 17, 2010 at The Kitano Jazz Club in New York City. “Urge To Croon” (this NEW 6th CD) will be publicly released June 17, 2013 at Symphony Space in New York City as a Two Set Concert with two different Bands from the recording process. The 3 year span between the 5th CD and this NEW 6th CD, I performed each and every month in many venues such as Tomi Jazz in New York City mixing it up with multiple Musicians and instrument combinations. The adage “experience is the best teacher” was the guiding axiom. The culmination of those 3 years is the evolution from vocalist to producer, bandleader and arranger. The music on this NEW 6th CD has become staples of the repertoire and audiences enjoy / request when performing. I thank the following folks for their help / support: Chip M. Fabrizi, Sean Conly, Matt Baker, Eric Witzer, Jerry Scott, Arnaldo Desouteiro, Gary Alexander, Rick Kautz, Dick Leonard, Daryl Kojak, Diana Kraus, Mark Egan,
Ron Jackson and Mary Lina Baez. The support of many fans / friends has propelled the music forward – THANK YOU!
- Scot

June 2010
Vibination: the experience of simultaneously merging life energies to create and joyously become one.

This is the fifth CD project completed within a six year time span. Through the experience of performing and consistently striving forward, the compilation of music recorded on this CD represents our growth together, passion and elation. I thank the following folks for their nurturing support and love: Daryl Kojak, Eric Witzer, Gino Moratti, Dan Demetriad, Chip M. Fabrizi, Jan Wallman, Cameron Brown, "Sweet" Sue Terry, Anthony Pinciotti, Dave Pietro, Arthur Lipner, Frank Todd, Eva Mahoney, John Luke, Jerry Laird, Mark Egan, Arnaldo Desouteiro, Laurie Beechman Theatre Management, Tony Middleton, Phyllis Cortese, Alice Albertson and Bob Albertson. Without the support of the preceding people and all of the friends and fans, the opportunity to accomplish this project would not exist.
- Scot

December 2008
Faith moves mountains. Faith also is the guiding light of our life paths for us to find our way. Each step along the path leads to the next. This is the fourth CD project realized within five years. Each CD project has been a step forward to the next facilitated by growth, experimentation, and utilizing the three other life guides which are love, trust and an open heart. It is through the Greater Collective Life Energy in creating music from an "open" position that we can make movement forward towards progress. There are many to THANK in grateful recognition of their love and support that have been significant sources of the Collective Life Energy: Daryl Kojak, Jerry Scott, Eric Witzer, Allan Armour, Jerry Laird, Jamie Cosnowsky, Jan Wallman, Pittsburgh Patti, Ernesto and Sara Morel, Dan Demetriad, Fabio Viola, Chip and Dale Fabrizi, Bob Albertson, Cameron Brown, "Sweet" Sue Terry, Dave Pietro, Scott Wendholt, Tony Jefferson, Tom Hubbard, Anthony Pinciotti, and Alice Albertson. Lastly, the joy of music could not have moved forward without the very encouraging and unfailing support of all the people and fans who have been steadfast.
- Scot

December 2007
This is the third CD project recorded within four years. The path from the very beginning has been guided by faith, love, trust and an open heart. The Larger Life Energy supplies/supplied the components to make this artistic expression/extension blossom. The music recorded on this endeavor is a testament to our collective life energy and spirit of our existence. The following people I gratefully acknowledge for their love, support and guidance: Mom and Dad, Daryl Kojak, Jerry Scott, Pittsburgh Patti, Jan Wallman, Scott Barbarino, Eric Witzer, Dan Demetriad, Bob and Roberta Albertson, David Krebelj, Walker Rice, Chip Fabrizi, Mister Ted and Clarke, Neil and Laura, Tony Tyler, and Jamie Cosnowsky.
Strength in Faith…….. Scot

Daryl Kojak (on left) with Scot, August 2, 2007
@ The Laurie Beechman Theatre
(photo by Frank Dain)

December 2006
The Date Continues……….……. Guided by the four life components (faith, love, trust and an open heart), Fate has opened another significant “door”. That “door” is Daryl Kojak. Our first crossing of paths in May of 2006 was the catalyst to make this CD. project become a reality. I am extremely indebted to Daryl’s gifts, heart, talent and sharing them unselfishly. Three other people I thank for being a huge part of this musical journey flourishing. Robert Felstein for his time, energy, encouragement, and his musical artistic soul. Richard Lissemore for his continued love, guidance, and friendship. Lastly, Eric Witzer for his support, love and just plain old “believing”. As with music and life, it is the collective energy that creates incredible expressive feats of the human condition.”

June 2005
(debut @ Danny’s)
Got A Date With Fate was my first solo effort and studio recording experience. As a group, we recorded on October 8th and 9th, 2003 without any prior rehearsals. Eleven songs were recorded in two days in one or two takes with very little rehearsing in studio. These songs are an expression of love, faith, trust, respect and an open heart. Faith led me to Jon Werking. Through Jon, faith led me to Mark Egan and Danny Gottlieb.
Mark and Danny are true gentlemen and they were very supportive from beginning to end. I have been a big fan of Mark and Danny for 25 years, so it was a joy to not only meet them but to artistically merge. For Jon, I have a large debt of gratitude due to his embracing my heart and soul. He truly is one of God’s footsteps. Our next CD will be titled “Jon and Scot’s Songs of Love.”

I thank the following people for all of their support, friendship, and love: Mom and Dad certainly, Neil and Laura, Joe and Paula, Charlie T., Les Gottlieb, The Duck, The Zen Woman, John Reddington, Chris Coogan, Martha the Vocalizer, Ethan Fein, Michael and Fatima, Frank Serena, Mark Hinkley, Bruce Berky, Wheezie, Charlie Williams and Jose MacFarland for sharing their music, Paul Antonell and his staff at Clubhouse Studio (including Melvin and Otis), Bob & Roberta Albertson, Katherine Schipper, Eric Witzer, Helen Bar-Lev, Judy Kish, Scott Cole, John Neves, Chloe B. W., Stick-Shift, J.J., Lane and Krys. Special appreciation to “Cardinal” Richard Lissemore for being the vocal instructor “extraordinaire.” I thank you Richard for sharing your gifts, friendship and mentoring. I would not have been able to do this without you.

  - Scot