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Vocalist Scot Albertson – born and raised in Norwalk, CT.

Music has been a constant in his life since early childhood. A choir member of the Little Singers of Norwalk (based in St. Mary's Church), Scot traveled, sang and competed internationally with the Choir for six years. Alternate paths were explored after graduating college, Scot served as a Police Officer for the City Of Norwalk, CT for six years segueing to a position as a United States Border Patrol Agent in Arizona for a year. Withdrawing from Law Enforcement, Scot returned to Connecticut to start a very successful small business which sustained for nineteen years.

In the year 2000, with no specific direction other than personal enjoyment, vocal lessons were undertaken with Vocal Coach Richard Lissemore in New York City. After four and one half years of intensive study, Scot's Debut CD (Got A Date With Fate) was recorded with world renowned Bassist Mark Egan, Drummer Danny Gottlieb and Producer, Composer and Pianist Jon Werking. The Debut CD was publicly released on June 17, 2005 at Danny's Skylight Cabaret Room in New York City at Scot's Debut as a career performer. Since that step of Fate, Scot and the Band have performed in NYC at Danny's Skylight Cabaret Room (multiple appearances—performing the very last show at Danny's after twenty one years in existence on December 30, 2006), the Iridium Jazz Club, the Metropolitan Room, completed on August 12, 2010 a three year frequented appearance run at the Laurie Beechman Dinner Theatre, the Baha'i Center – John Birks Gillespie Auditorium, Barnes & Noble - Lincoln Center Triangle Store / Broadway & West 66th St. (3rd & 4th CD Release Events), and Debut at The Kitano Jazz Supper Club on June 17, 2009 and Return Engagement December 30, 2009 (both dates Sold Out Events). Scot and Jerry Scott performed a nine month run of Every Sunday Brunch Events at La Mediterranee French Bistro in New York City in 2009.

Scot's NEW 5th CD "Vibination" was very successfully Released @ Barnes & Noble in NYC on June 14, 2010 and @ The Kitano in NYC on June 17, 2010. Scot Albertson Quintet featuring Vibraphonist Arthur Lipner performed their debut @ MIDDAY Jazz in Midtown at Saint Peter's Church (NYC) on July 28, 2010 to a large audience. Scot and Jazz Pianist / Composer Dr. Joe Utterback performed together as a Piano / Vocal Duo at The Kitano on Friday September 3rd and Saturday September 4th, 2010 (2 Sets each night). The Scot Albertson Quintet opened the Day's Event in Norwalk, CT on Sunday September 19th for the Live Green CT Outdoor Festival (Congratulations to Scot Weicker and Daphne Dixon for a successful Debut Event and weekend). Scot Albertson Quartet (Daryl Kojak, Cameron Brown and Arthur Lipner) performed a DEBUT Concert promulgating a new concert series at Blueberry Music And Art House in Greenwich, CT on September 23rd (Thank You to the Owner of Blueberry Ching – I Lee for her support and faith). Scot & Daryl performed the 2nd Concert in Blueberry Art House / Gallery on October 23rd (Vocal / Piano Evening). Scot & Dr. Joe performed 2 Sets in their debut @ Tomi Jazz in NYC on November 3rd as a Vocal / Piano Duo (Thank You to Mayu Saeki, Tony Middleton, Helen Klass & Sandy Jordan for sitting-in & lending their voices & artistic gifts to make the night extraordinary).

Scot & Dr. Joe performed the 3rd Concert in 2010 at Blueberry Art House on November 20th (Scot's Birthday night – tremendous Evening & Concert!). Thank You to Jerry Laird, Lynn Dimenna, Peggi de la Cruz, Mary Burke Kramer, & Bea Roman for lending their voices in singing & for Dr. Joe in his gifts to make this a memorable Birthday & Concert for all.
MORE 2010 Birthday Gifts: DJ, Musician & CD Reviewer Gary Alexander showcased Scot's Birthday & music on Gary's weekly Radio Show (Every Monday & Friday – 6:00p.m. thru 8:30p.m. NY Local time) on Lopez Island, Washington – 2 Shows – on November 19th & November 22nd (Thank You Gary!).

Dec. 21st, Scot & Dr. Joe returned to Tomi Jazz for yuletide fun. Terrific turn-out & a lot of fun! Thank You for their support: Sharon Brand, Helen Klass, Cindy M., Jan W., Eva M., Daryl K., Diana, Cheryl, Eddie, Corky, Duke W., Lady Leah & Rob, John Frercks, Rosie Loar, Felicia Mae, Jerry L., & Ken & Mutsuki.

Dec. 30th, Scot & Band returned to The Kitano for Scot's 6th Annual Pre-New Year's Eve Celebration. Sold out the First Set once again & had a great audience for the Second Set. THANK YOU to one & all for joining us this night to make it such a festive & successful Event.

Jan. 15, 2011, Scot joined Jerry Scott @ Butler's Restaurant in NYC for Jerry's NEW Saturday Night Spotlight Showcase Series. Due to turn-out & support (S.R.O.), an absolutely memorable Evening!

Jan. 19th, Scot & Kyoko Oyobe performed together @ Tomi Jazz. A truly beautiful night of music! Thank You for their support: Kyoko O., Diana, Corky, Duke W., Phyllis C., Eva M., Paul Kaplan, Marlene Ver Plank, Barbara B., Sharon B., Mark & Jessica, Jerry L., Cheryl, Eddie, Gwen Calvier, Jonathan Long. & Ken & Mutsuki.


January 29th, Scot & Dr. Joe performed their first 2011 Concert in Blueberry Music & Art House. Vibraphonist / Composer Arthur Lipner was the Featured Guest Artist supporting & promoting his NEW CD "Brasilian Vibes". THANK YOU to Diana Kraus & Bea Roman for baking & supplying the Homemade Sweet Treats for the after Concert party / gathering. Their baking artistry put the "Icing on the Evening's Presentation".


Jan. 30th, 2011, 5:30p.m. - 6:00p.m.
Airplay Showcase of Scot's NEW 5th Vocal CD, VIBINATION
on Ron Forman's Weekly Radio Show on WKRB 90.3FM

February 7th, Scot & Dr. Joe returned to Tomi Jazz for their first 2011 performance / 2 Sets for a boisterous joyful Evening of Song charged by the collective support of those in attendance. THANK YOU / ARIGATO for that support: Paul K., Felicia Mae, Diana, Helen K., Sharon B., Jerry L., Cheryl, Eddie, Mitch Kahn, Jan W., Bobby Baby, Alan (playing his diverse collection of Harmonicas) & the Owners of Tomi Jazz (Ken & Mutsuki).

February 26th Concert @ Blueberry, Scot introduced / debuted the
"Guest Singers Showcase". THANK YOU to Dr. Joe & to all involved & who lent their voices & talents for a very fun & successful Concert / Event.

March 9th, April 4th & April 25th @ Tomi Jazz were tremendous gigs! THANK YOU to Dr. Joe, Ken & Mutsuki, Felicia Mae, Diana Kraus, Paul Kaplan, Jerry Laird, Jerry Osterberg, Katherine Sanden, Cheryl & Ed, Gary Crawford, Laurie Birmingham, Bobby Baby, Joe Gallagher, Sharon Brand, Dara, Judy Gallagher, Nick & Addie, Christopher & Ines, Cindy Miller, Jan Wallman, Helen Klass, Greta Herron & many others who attended & for all the support.

March 26th Concert @ Blueberry – Extraordinary Concert with Featured Guest Artist & Composer – Saxophonist & Flutist "Sweet" Sue Terry. "Sweet" Sue's two Sax Solo Selections were spellbinding!

April 30th Concert @ Blueberry - Guest Singers Showcase Concert was radiant! With Appreciation & Gratitude to: Dr. Joe, Ching – I & Eugene, Pam Gillmor, Sandra Benee, Paul Kaplan, Greta Herron, Jerry Laird, Miss Bea Roman & Guest Instrumentalist & Trombonist Marshall Rauh. Baking Gratitude – Diana Kraus, Bea Roman, Greta Herron & Jerry Laird. PHOTO "Thank You" – Mr. David Nutter.

May 16th @ Tomi Jazz with Dr. Joe was terrific as always – VERY FUN time had by all & a certainly engaging audience.

May 21st was a Featured Guest Instrumentalist Concert @ Blueberry Art Gallery. The Guest Artist was Flutist Mayu Saeki who was spectacular! Mayu moved the audience by playing two solo selections on Piano – a rarely heard or seen occasion. Thank You Mayu for our rendition of "Tenderly" & "Smile".

June 16th – back @ Tomi Jazz – a DEBUT EVENT in Tomi Jazz – the Scot Albertson Trio featuring Daryl Kojak & Arthur Lipner. Also, the Debut of Vibes as an instrument in Tomi Jazz – soon to be repeated – August 11th @ 9:00p.m.

June 26th return to Blueberry Art House with Dr. Joe – Guest Singers Showcase Concert – VERY FUN! Thank You to Barbara Suthergreen, Miss Bea Roman, Jerry Laird & Greta Herron for their singing & loving support.

August 6, 2011 – Scot is a Guest DJ on WPKN 89.5 FM in Bridgeport, CT with the Nazmo King (John Friderichs' Radio Show) 8:00p.m. thru 10:00p.m.

October 10, 2011 – Guest Vocalist for The Zamm Family Funeral – Christ Episcopal Church, East Norwalk, CT.

October 29, 2011 – Private Party Engagement – Scot Albertson Quartet in Westport, CT

December 8th – return to Tomi Jazz with the Scot Albertson Trio featuring Keith Ingham (Pianist) & Mayu Saeki (Flutist).


December 8th – return to Tomi Jazz with the Scot Albertson Trio featuring Keith Ingham (Pianist) & Mayu Saeki (Flutist).

December 14th – Guest Appearance – Annual Holiday Party for "The American Merchant Marine Veterans & Seniors" hosted by Jerry Osterberg at the St. Margaret's House, Fulton Street, Lower Manhattan.

December 20th – return to Tomi Jazz – Scot Albertson & Dr. Joe Holiday Duo Evening.

December 30, 2011 – return to The Kitano in NYC for "Scot Albertson's 7th Annual Pre New Year's Eve Event" presenting the Scot Albertson Trios – two distinct Trios in a 2 Set Evening – 8:00p.m. Set – Scot, Daryl Kojak & Arthur Lipner & 10:00p.m. Set – Scot, Dr. Joe & Mayu Saeki.

January 7, 2012 – Guest Vocalist in St. Matthew's Church in Norwalk, CT with Music Director Valerie Wyman.

January 10, 2012 – First return performance to Tomi Jazz for 2012. Scot Albertson Trio featuring: Sedric Choukroun (Sax & Flute – & Ron Jackson (Guitar – A FANTASTIC Night of Music – THANK YOU to Sedric & Ron!

January 15, 2012 – Guest Vocalist in St. Matthew's Church with Music Director Valerie Wyman.

January 24, 2012 – Scot & Keith Ingham (Vocal / Piano Duo Evening) – was a beautiful Evening of music THANKS to Keith! Thank You as well to new friends Elly, Loretta & Anjolie and Setsuko.


February 4, 2012 – Scot is a Guest Vocalist with Pianist Jerry Scott in Parnell's in NYC.

February 7, 2012 – Scot Albertson Trio returns to Tomi Jazz featuring Keith Ingham & Carol Sudhalter (Sax & Flute). Another TERRIFIC night of music! Thank You to Guest Singers Rosie Steinberg, Jerry L., Mauricio, Corky & Kyoko Ogawa.

February 19th, 2012– Scot is a Guest Vocalist in St. Matthew's Church with Music Director Valerie Wyman.

February 28th, 2012 – Scot & Pianist David Pearl Duo Evening in Tomi Jazz. SUPERB Evening of music & fun – THANK YOU to David Pearl, Greta Herron, Janine Ullyette, Jerry L., Paul, Diana K., Felicia Mae (Birthday Girl!), D'Ambrose Boyd, Laura & Flo, Helen Klass, Eva Mahoney & Ken & Staff of Tomi Jazz.

March 8, 2012 – Scot & Trio return to Tomi Jazz featuring Sedric Choukroun (Sax & Flute – & Ron Jackson (Guitar – Thank You to Sedric, Ron, Rosie S., Duke W., Felicia Mae & Jerry L.

March 10, 2012 – Volunteered & attended the "All Things Chocolate" Benefit for the Open Door Clinic ( in West Chicago, IL. A VERY fun & successful night! Thank You to Rick Kautz!


March 21, 2012 – Scot & Keith Ingham Duo perform Happy Hour in Toshi's Living Room in the Flatiron Hotel
THANK YOU to Flutist Mayu Saeki for sitting in with us.

March 22, 2012 – Scot & Daryl Kojak Duo in Tomi Jazz. Thank You for a very FUN Evening:
Daryl Kojak (Happy Birthday!), Dawn K., Felicia Mae, Caroline F., Louisa P., Duke W., Diana K., Jerry L., Ed. D., David K., Helen K., Lorie J., Eva M., Lance, Judy G. & Hal, & the Tomi Jazz Staff.

March 25, 2012 – Guest Vocalist in St. Matthew's Church Noon Mass with Music Director
Valerie Wyman.

April 7th, 2012 – Music from the 1st CD "Got A Date With Fate" was given more Radio Airplay on WMPG 90.9FM ( University Of Southern Maine – "Freedo In The Groove" Show hosted by Ross. Thank You to Ross & Zippy!

April 11th – Wed. – Arrived @ Dana Lorge's Wed. Night @ The Iguana in NYC to support the weekly Event & Dana asked me to sit in & replace one of her Guest Vocalists who was not able to perform that night. Was glad to do so & have the opportunity to make music with her House Band of Barry Levitt (Piano) & Saadi Zain (Bass). Thank You Dana, Barry & Saadi!

April 14th, 2012 – Scot & Keith Ingham Duo in Tomi Jazz – an OUSTANDING Evening! Thank You for the support & joining in on a superb Evening – Keith Ingham, Jerry Laird, Lynn DiMenna, Laura Slutsky, Felicia Mae, Diana K., Duke W., Bea Roman, Gary Crawford, Dennis K., Douglas W., Louisa Poster, Caroline F., Crystal, Greta H., Lorie J., Marylina B., Mary R., Jo Marchese, Paul K., Helen K. & guests from Italy & France.

April 26th – Scot & Trio featuring Sedric Choukroun (Sax & Flute – & Ron Jackson (Guitar – return to Tomi Jazz. Another VERY Fun night of music & collective spirit & a terrific turnout! Thank You – Sedric & Ron, Jerry Laird, Jan Wallman, Helen Klass, Paul Kaplan, Rosie Steinberg, Diana Kraus, New Friends RJ & Vincent, Tessa & Zak & Jamie, Cathie & Maureen & Tomi Jazz Staff & Owners Ken & Mutsuki.

May 5th – Scot & Frank Owens (Pianist) Duo Evening in Tomi Jazz. What a sensational Evening creating music with Frank! Thank You to Frank Owens, Duke Welsh, Nydia M., Caroline F.,
Diana K., Greta H., new Friends Howard & Mike Barry, new Friend Joe Moroz, Elly Kouri,
Jerry L., Paul K., Jan Wallman & Phyllis C.

May 11th – Friday – Debut Concert at Baruch Performing Arts Center in NYC ( Two Set Concert – First Set – Scot & Pianist Keith Ingham Duo & Second Set – Scot Albertson Quartet – featuring Keith Ingham & Ron Jackson (Guitar) &
Sedric Choukroun (Sax & Flute). A very successful Concert in all aspects! THANK YOU to the nurturing support of John Malatesta (Program Director – BPAC), Geoff Barnes (BPAC Tech),
Stan (House Manager - BPAC) & Emeckie & to all who attended!

May 17th – Scot Albertson Trio in Tomi Jazz featuring Sean Conly (Bass) & Freddie Bryant (Guitar). An "electric" Evening of music! Sean & Freddie were outstanding! Thank You:
Jerry Laird, NEW Friends Richard Williams & Mariah Martin, NEW Friend Veronica DeJesus, Felicia Mae, Corky, NEW Friend Joseph M., NEW Friend Chris Desloge, Marylina B., Diana K., Duke W. & the Tomi Staff.

June 2nd – Scot & Keith Ingham Duo Evening. Thank You for another Evening of fun & music – Caroline Ferenczi, Paul Kaplan, Jerry Laird, Duke Welsh, Greta Herron, Helen Klass,
Steven Avitable, Mary Lina Baez, NEW Friends Spencer & Julie, NEW Friends Kumiko Amakado
& her Husband, Keith Ingham & Arlene, Diana Kraus, Cathie Takacs Sargent, Jan Wallman, & Joyce Fischman. We were very honored to have an Active US Armed Forces Member with us Corey Sargent. Basking in the glow of Memorial Day, we all sang "God Bless America" to Corey for our Thanks in his dedication & Service to help keep us Free & Safe. To sing a patriotic anthem in a Japanese Jazz Club in NYC & have all join in is quite moving. Two songs come to mind: "Give Peace A Chance" & "That's America To Me".

Upcoming Events:

Sat. December 28, 2013
9th Annual Pre-New Year's Eve CELEBRATION at THE KITANO
Scot Albertson - 2 Sets with 2 Bands
8:00p.m. / 1st Set:
Billy Test – Piano,Tommy Morimoto – Sax & Vince Cherico – Drums
10:00p.m. / 2nd Set:
Billy Test – Piano,Vince Cherico – Percussion, Ron Jackson – Guitar & Mayu Saeki – Flute
Full Dinner Menu Available
$25.00 COVER / $15.00 Food & Drink Minimum per set
66 Park Ave. & E. 38th St. · NEW YORK
212-885-7119 –

Nov. 2010 Scuba Diving UPDATE:
Scot is a member of the Open Ocean / Shark Tank Dive Team @ the Norwalk Maritime Center / Aquarium. This is a NEW Pilot Program @ the Maritime Center / Aquarium promulgating in November to promote the realization to the public to mutual coexistence of Sharks and Human Beings (divers) in the water without fear or happenstance.
Norwalk Maritime Center / Aquarium -

Personnel on NEW 6th CD:
Scot Albertson – Vocals & Producer
Sean Conly - Bass
Vince Cherico – Drums & Percussion
George Small – Piano
Matt Baker - Piano
Ron Jackson – Eastman 7 String Guitar
Mayu Saeki – Flute
Christos Rafalides - Vibes
NEW 6th CD Released June 17, 2013 at Symphony Space Concert in NYC

All Performances are self produced and self directed.
Scot is also an avid scuba diver and underwater photographer having traveled to many corners of the globe doing so.
Please visit the rest of for upcoming Performance Dates, YouTube performance videos, CDs and a NEW Underwater Photography Gallery.
Contact: [protected email address] / (203)-840-1024.